Waban, MA is just amongst the thirteen villages of Newton, Massachusetts, a rural city relating to seven miles from midtown Boston.

Waban was called for Waban, the really first Massachusett transformed to Christianity, in 1646. Although Waban continued to be in Nonantum, a hillside in the northeasternmost part of Newton, the location around today community of Waban was a famous looking ground. Dr. Lawrence Solid, in his background of the town, comprised:

My daddy, William Chamberlain Solid, was actually energetic in safeguarding the right-of-way for the Boston along with Albany Train at the time the Newton Circuit Roadway was constructed. The location of an incurable below born in mind a prospective town, in addition to a name was called for. My papa had really formerly made it through on Nonantum Hillside in Brighton, where Waban, the Chief of the Indian people Nonantum, had his wigwam, and where Eliot, the Apostle to the Indians, instructed. A memorial notes this area today. So the name “Waban” for the brand-new community swiftly suggested itself to my daddy. I am told Waban, or Wabanoki, shows “eastern” in the Indian tongue. The punctuation of the name can not be held to accompany its articulation. I believe the articulation is correct and furthermore the ideal spelling would certainly be either Wauban and even more than likely Waughban.

Waban has 2 grade schools, Angier, named after Albert Angier that was eliminated fighting in World war, and also Zervas (formerly Beethoven).

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The town was simply one of 4 in Newton to maintain its branch library up until June 2008. Because September 2009, the Waban branch library has in truth re-opened as the Waban Library Facility, a community-based center.